Why an app?

What can a smartphone application do for your event?

Enhance Their Experience

Paired with traditional media, Event Eguide is a powerful tool that gets attendees where they need to go and enables them to reconnect with colleagues, build their network, generate new business, or experience a new city. Event Eguide makes the most of every moment.

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Flexible Options

The Event Eguide app is designed for use on the iPhone and Android. Once the Event Eguide application is downloaded, users can access it directly from their phone without an internet connection. This means your event does not have to offer costly Wi-Fi for attendees to be able to use the Event Eguide app.

Expand Your Portfolio

With a slate of innovative advertising and sponsorship opportunities, the possibilities just got a whole lot more robust. Plus, the increased exposure will drive business for sponsors, exhibitors and panelists and keep them coming back to your event year after year.

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Save Trees, Make Money

Enjoy additional revenue streams without adding waste. The Event Eguide offers supplementary branding and promotional opportunities that put your vendors in front of their most engaged customers. And, being digital means it is Green and easily updated.

You Have Control

Our easy and intuitive Content Management System lets you manage your event information (not the other way around). This control eliminates traditional deadlines.

How Event Eguide works.

Information is Power

Our technology offers powerful metrics on your application’s visitors and clicks, including breakdowns by day, by mobile device and by average time spent.


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Take Control

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