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Singularity and InfoCures are commonly owned and have a combined 20 years of experience. A perfect marriage of Technology and Marketing, the team conspires to bring innovative solutions to market, such as Event Eguide, to keep their clients on the cutting edge.

Singularity is a leading digital marketing agency with a track record of award–winning creative, with over 135 awards won since 2006. We’re committed to innovative solutions for clients who themselves thrive on innovation, and we build custom solutions as specific as a website or as broad as a full marketing/media program to get client stories out to their constituents.
InfoCures is an information technology services and creative programming company that focuses on the strategic use of IT resources to help companies compete in the network-enabled business environment of the new millennium. The InfoCures multi-disciplinary approach utilizes a balanced, disciplined, and flexible process that will optimize the results of any technology initiative.


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